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Re: Sinclair and the holly blood

>2: They had children who eventually became the Merovingian dynasty rulers of
>the Franks until the Carolingians, the greatest of whom was Charlemagne.

So seldom do I find any nits to pick in Rory's pleasant and well-reasoned
postings that I simply cannot resist this one.  The above quote might
easily be read to say that Charlemagne was the most famous of the
Merovingians.  Actually, Charlemagne was one of the most famous of
the Carolingians, who were the royal house that replaced the Merovingians.
The most famous of the Merovingians was probably Clovis (465-511) who
defeated Attila the Hun.

Napoleon was reputedly fascinated with the Merovingians, and had one
of their kings dug up so he could use part of his burial robe as
part of Napoleon's coronation robes as Emperor.  Of course, I probably
got that story from Baigent and Lee, so one could easily doubt its

One of Napoleon's military men was supposedly one of the Sinclair
royal Polish line.  However, as we discussed previously in this list,
that line was merely one of many gossamer fabrications of claims to the
Polish throne; this one based on some points that are readily disprovable.
So my attempt to provide Sinclair content to this posting is somewhat

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