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Re: Sinclair and the holly blood

Baigent, Lincoln and Lee set the whole world astir with a book called
TheHoly Blood and the Holy Grail in the '70's

Sinclairs figure prominently is this quite speculative and alternative look
at the Historical Jesus.
Some folks on this list have expressed displeasure at this whole notion
which I am about to precis as they find it blasphemous so be warned and skip
to the next message if you think you might find this offensive.

Briefly the thesis is this:
1: Jesus survived the crucifixion and fled Palestine with Mary Magdalene to
Southern France

2: They had children who eventually became the Merovingian dynasty rulers of
the Franks until the Carolingians, the greatest of whom was Charlemagne.

3: The Merovingians, although no longer possessing political power,
nevertheless were privy to gnostic and arcane knowledge and kept these
secrets and the knowledge of the "Holy Blood" which they passed on
generation to generation.  Later the repository of the secrets and the
knowledge of who possessed the Holy Blood was entrusted to the Prieury de
Sion a shadowy group indeed.. The Sinclairs were supposed to be privy to
these secrets as well.

That is basically it --
There are many more ancillary parts like Rennes-le Chateau but I  will spare
you my regurgitations.

Rory in Toronto.

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> i think nobody complained about his spelling but off what holly blood is
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