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Clan Sinclair was The Honored Clan in Tucson.

Clan Sinclair was in the news again.  The Honor Certificate was presented to=
me at the 16th Annual Tucson Celtic Festival and Scottish High Games,=20
November 1 and 2, 2002. =A0 In addition to receiving the certificate, I enjo=
representing Clan Sinclair while standing with the Tucson Celtic Festival=20
Association Officers, Chief McBain of McBain and Chief Dugal MacTavish of=20
Dunardry during the opening ceremony and Clan Parade. =A0 Many other privile=
and amenities were extended to Clan Sinclair throughout the event.  The=20
activities kept Betty and I moving around rather briskly.   =20

Western Region Vice President Gary Sinclair and his wife Mary were among the=
many Clan Sinclair members and supporters in attendance. =A0 I will not atte=
to name them all for I possibly would miss someone. =A0 The Sinclair tents w=
busy throughout the Games on Saturday. =A0 As they always are, Gary and Mary=
were indispensable. =A0 Betty and I have enjoyed their hard work and support=
several games occasions in Arizona and we extend many thanks to them for=20
coming and helping. =A0 Thanks to all that attended and supported Clan Sincl=
Arizona and we look forward to seeing you at future Arizona Gatherings.

The Barbecue Friday Night was delicious and the Torch Light Ceremony that=20
followed was very impressive. =A0 Most all the 61 Clans and Societies in=20
attendance proclaimed their presence with brief announcements and proud=20
expressions of their Clan histories. =A0 The torches were real fires fueled=20
with lamp oil which caused a few anxious moments. =A0 Fortunately, no kilts=20
were scorched or flesh burned.

The Saturday Festival and Games featured the usual Highland Dance=20
Competition, Pipers and Drummers, Mass Bands, Ancient Athletic Competitions=20
and Scottish Venders and Foods. =A0 Our tent was filled and busy most of the=
day. =A0 We served snacks and cold drinks to the tired, hungry and thirsty.=20=
=A0 I=20
am still working on the leftovers.

We are preparing for and looking forward to the Arizona Scottish Gathering &=
Highland Games on the campus of Mesa Community College on February 22 and 23=
2003.  Y'all come.

Rufus Sinclair
Clan Sinclair USA Commissioner, Arizona=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=20

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