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Re: Rev. Dugald Sinclair

In a message dated 11/15/02 8:53:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
toni.woody@sympatico.ca writes:

> Someone on this list has asked about Sinclairs who settled in Middlesex =
> Co.  Was it you, Kozy?  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Hi Toni,

Yes, I'm still finding my Sinclairs who have settled in Middlesex Co.  are 
from Argyll.   I have read all through the Preacher story although it sounds 
like they are relatively close together.  I know they are not the same family 
however.. I would need to go further back than my Lauchlan Sinclair... 
perhaps... his father, grandfather, g grandfather would be brothers or 
cousins .... something like that to this preacher.  I do not know if some of 
my ancestors have lived in Isle of Islay or if they have moved around.  I do 
know that My Lauchlan Sinclair and his wife Sally McIntyre have lived in 
Coire Buide, which is off the western shore of Loch Awe.  They registered 
most of their children's christenings at the Parish of Kilcharean (sp?) and 
Dalavich (sp?).   That is where I'm at moot point and I haven't gone back 
further.  I would need someone's help to help me further my search in 
Scotland perhaps you or anyone who's familiar with Argyll records can help 
me?  I can't commit to researching seriously right now because I'm in the 
middle of moving and it may take me a while to get back into it.  

Thanks for sending me the preacher story and I have enjoyed reading it.  

Yours aye,

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