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Re: Blood Groups.

Jean--Not only blood banks like my AB neg blood.  At one time I was on the
list for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center here in Seattle.  This
is a well-known facility.  One of the doctors was doing some research, using
blood for a culture medium.  He used only AB-, as it was non-reactive.
Don't know what he was researching, but maybe I helped someone down the
line.  Never did hear any results, and they are not doing it anymore.  At
least they no longer ask me.

Mike Sinclair

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> Three of my children have that also. One is O neg, one A pos, and I cannot
> remember the last altho I think it was AB pos.  As I said their Dad and I
> pretty well balanced out. For those who wonder where the O came from, Both
> Mark and I have one English parent respectively, from the same area  of
> England and both were Type O.

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