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Re: Blood Groups.

Here is what I do know. My husband Lance E St Clair born 10-11-50 is 0 t my blood type is AB t. 2 of our girls hav B t. As for Red hair our Grace was born with the most beutiful red hair, she is 27. She is severely disabled.This may be another thing we might  want to research is diseases in the family. I have already been doing some of this with his family .Grace is the oldest person known with and 11q- chromosone deletion with a break at 23.3 They don't ever live to be 27 like her. She also has a blood disorder and spina bifida which we kno relte to Lance's service in Vietnam.  If some one is interested I can send them what I have. Have a great day Peggy StClair. I wll try to find his dads military records they should give his blood type  
, Our  Jean Stokes <sinead@milamba.com> wrote:At 02:23 PM 13/10/02 -0500, you wrote:
Dear jsq

This is a curious idea that I had, and my husband thinks it is strange, 
but do you remember how we discussed the predominance of red hair in the 
family? On the same line of thought, blood groups appear predominantly in 
certain populations. Mine is A negative, so is one of my cousins, so is our 
treasurer who does not appear to have a connecting line to me. I believe 
Dad was A neg, and one of my grandsons is also. Most of my children appear 
to be AB, not surprising as their Dad is B positive.

So this is my question. Would people on the Sinclair List who know their 
blood type be prepared to take a poll of their family and list the 
proportion and type? I must admit I have not yet carried it out in all of 
my extended group but I am prepared to, especially if other people think it 
may be worth while for interest.

There is no need to go into detail of who has what, but there are 4 types 
and two RH factors negative and positive. A negative, I am told is one of 
the less usual groups so could we list A +, A - , B +, B - , AB +, AB -, O 
+, and finally O -. Just how many of each appear in your Sinclair bloodline 
because I suspect that we may have a preponderance of A -. Call it a 
hypothesis if you like, but I am just curious.

(I think I may be related to the Elephant's Child.)
I hope this is not perceived as being invasive of privacy, as I do not 
intend to publish research, but if there are more of us in the A - bracket 
it would be interesting.


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