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Gordon R. Sinclair

Dear Donald

Do not know if this is the same person. Gordon Sinclair was a tail gunner he
was shot down 15 MAR 45 in a raid at ORANIENBURG.  His initial was R. he was
a corporal then later a Master Sergeant. He flew with the 100 Heavy Bomb
Group he was a waist gunner in the Skyway Chariot piloted by 2nd Lt. Clifton
M. Williams there is a photo of him.

try http://www.100thbg.com/mainpages/crews/crews4/johnson_s.htm

EYEWITNESS: "A/C 42-31066 received a direct hit by flak just before "Bombs
Away" , and the bombs were salvoed. The A/C fell off on the right wing and
dropped onto A/C #43-38124 piloted by Lt. Clifton M. Williams. Both aircraft
went down in flames and one exploded"

On 31/12/44, S/Sgt Roland L. Douglas, from the crew of Gerald Brown, was
flying in place of Gordon Sinclair and was made a POW.

Gordon Sinclair was removed from Navigator's school one day short of
graduation for some unknown infraction, probably the Training Command acted
a bit over zealous in view of the need for trained Navigators. The 351st
Sqdn. Commander (Harry Cruver, a man known to have had some disagreements
with training command personnel during his cadet days) corrected this bit of
over zealousness by immediately promoting Sinclair to M/Sgt and making him
the Navigator for the Sidney Johnson crew, where he completed a tour.


ref  Charles M. Beck, of the Sidney Johnson crew diary.
100 Bomb group home page

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