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RE: Stone Mt. Games Photos

Stan, you are welcome.  The pleasure was mine.  It was especially good
to get to meet and talk with the Cousins ... Sinclairs and Gunns!  I
took over 100 photos and it was difficult getting the list down to just
50 for the web page.  Ha-ha!  Hey, and I got to wear my new kilt! Isn't
life great!

There are many things that I "don't know" and that I can't do; however,
I enjoy helping in any way that I can.  The web page, games, and photos
have offered this opportunity for my meager contribution to the Clan.

Thanks to all of you for the continuing education and encouragement.
Now, I must schedule that trip across the pond.

Mel of South Carolina

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I want to say "Thanks" on list to Mel for sharing with the list 
so quickly his wonderful photos, though we have spoken 

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