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Re: Stone Mt. Games Photos

I want to say "Thanks" on list to Mel for sharing with the list so quickly
his wonderful photos, though we have spoken off-list. Rhonda also took many
pictures, some of which are ready, many of which are not. At a future date,
when I am able timewise to get them ready, I will share some of these on the

I will be in Michigan for about a week, then busy with other functions.
Many thanks to all who did such a grand job of making Stone Mt. a success.
Thank you Mary for pushing membership, among the other functions and duties
of the Festival!


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Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 5:04 PM
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>Dear Donald:
>The mutual scolding of ancient times  was merely the proper introduction to
>seeing you in the flesh and in your kilt too.  Ye looked grand lad!
>The Highland Park was as delicious as the fellowship.

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