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Re: Sinclair Dates

SInclair dates:

October 19

1698: Alexander SInkler, my 7th great-grandfather, after leaving his home in
Glasgow, sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "Ye Loyalty",
commanded by Captain Henry Browne, to the Virginia colony on an indenture
for four years to John Scott, said to be a cousin. Quickly he became a
wealthy tobacco farmer. Alexander was the ancestor of several list members.

Sources include - Liverpool List of Emigrants to America, 1697 to 1706 by
John Elton, 28 January 1901; VIrginia tobacco grower lists, various years;
census records; well known Sinclair researcher and Alexander descendant,
Jean Grigsby.

2002: Beginning of Stone Mountain, GA Scottish Festival and Highland Games.

Stan St. Clair, GA Commissioner, Clan SInclair, USA

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>   [1]Tomorrow:
>   October 19
>   125 B.C.: Era of Tyre, Commonly used for dating in the ancient world.

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