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Little green Sinclairs

Found this in the Latter Day Saints library catalogue for those who are =
interested in the Irish Sinclair's. You can order the complete work =
through them here =
http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp  I don't =
know how accurate it is but it might be of interest to someone.

A history and lineage of descendents of a Scottish family by the name of =
Sinclair, who migrated from Scotland to Ireland in the seventeenth =
century : they settled in Newtownards, Co. Down, and Belfast : according =
to family tradition, the Earl of Caithness was the head of the family =

Daub, St Claire Lappe (St Claire Aloyshus Lappe) , 1902- (Main Author)

Microfilm made of typescript collection (91 leaves) prepared in 1964 by =
Mrs. St. Claire Lappe Daub, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; microfilm made from =
records loaned by Mrs. Ruth Bell Wharton, Bentonville, Arkansas.=20

This is an extensive revision of a 1960 typescript collection compiled =
by the author, then living at Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsyl- =
vania (this library also has a film of the 1960 work).=20

Family history and genealogy of the St. Claire family in Scotland, =
Ireland and England between before 800 A.D. and 1964 (or 1969). The =
family held various titles in the Scottish nobility and when part of the =
family moved from Scotland to Ireland, they took the title of the =
Earldom of Caithness with them. Among these Irish des- cendents, the =
family surname came to be spelled Sinclaire, Sinclair, or Sinkler. In =
the mid-1800s, some descendants and relatives immi- grated from Ireland =
to Nova Scotia, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. =

Includes the story of the tomb of an "amiable child," buried in a grave =
about 300 yards north of Grant's Tomb, with a tombstone and pedestal =
surrounded by an iron railing. This grave is for St. Clair Pollock, =
oldest son of James Pollock and Jane Sinclaire of Belfast, who had come =
temporarily to Philadelphia as representatives of Jane's a linen =
merchant in Belfast. On their way home, James and Jane visited a friend =
in New York, and their son St. Clair slipped and drowned in the Hudson =
River. He was buried there, and the friend later donated the land to the =
City of New York. The area became Riverside Park, and the city still =
maintains the grave. The inscription says: "Erected to the memory of an =
Amiable child St. Clair Pollock Died 15 of July, 1797 In the sixth year =
of his age."=20

Includes Ansley, Corcoran, Dobbin, McIntyre, Mulholland, Pollock and =
related families


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