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Sinclair Dates

   October 11

   1470: Henry VI flees,
   [2]to The Hague

   1809:  Meriwether  Lewis  d.,  Meriwether Lewis died along the Natchez
   Trace, Tennessee, under mysterious circumstances in the early hours of
   the morning after stopping for the night at Grinder's Tavern along the
   Natchez Trace. He had spent the night before at Sinclair's Station now
   the  site of The Sinclair, Skinner, Yeiser House. Three years earlier,
   Lewis  and  William Clark had completed their brilliant exploration of
   the  newly  acquired  Louisiana  Territory  and the Pacific Northwest.
   President  Thomas Jefferson appointed him as governor of the Louisiana
   Territory,  but  Lewis  soon  discovered  that  the politics and power
   struggles of the territory were earning him more enemies than friends.
   Bureaucrats  in  Washington,  D.C., were questioning the legitimacy of
   some  of  the purchases Lewis had made for the expedition in 1803, the
   threat  of bankruptcy hung before him if he were forced to cover these
   costs.   --[3]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr  Source:  The  Strange  Death  of
   Governor Meriwether Lewis, Vardes Fisher Swallow Pr; ISBN: 0804006164,


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   3. mailto:labehotiere@wanadoo.fr
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