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Knights Templar "Levels"

I don't plan to contribute further to the KT thread, but I'd like to try
to clarify one point.  As stated in my earlier e-mail, the Knights
Templar "degree" is the top 'rung' of the York Rite.  You can't be "more
or less of a Knights Templar".  It's kind of like being a little bit
pregnant .... you either are or you are not.  One does not become a KT
in any lesser degree.  There is no higher York Rite (or KT) degree.  The
only time "levels" would come into play is if one went beyond the local
Commandery to serve on the State level or National level. Even in that
case, he is not "more of a Knights Templar".  One can't join the state
or national level as those are appointed or elected positions.  If one
is a KT, he is by definition at the highest level of the York Rite.  If
he serves on the State or National level, he still has no higher York
Rite degree than that of KT.  Level refers to organizational level, not
degree (order). 

More information regarding the Masonic Knights Templar, including a FAQ,
can be found at:

Since you live in the DC area (as I once did) The Virginia Knights
Templar website is at:
http://users.sitestar.net/~mfulcher/GCVA.htm  Contact information is
also noted.  The Grand Commander of Virginia's photo, in uniform, is on
the page.  I could not find an active website for the District of
Columbia KT.

Of course, as Sally said, actually talking to someone locally who is
knowledgeable could be your best bet to pursue more light.

Mel of South Carolina

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Susan - the shortest way to get your answer on Knights Templar 
would be to look them up in the phone book and call the Temple 
here in the area (as we both live in the greater DC area). They 
can give you the whole answer and maybe answer at which of the 
three levels your progenitor was on.  My father was also a 
member of the same order, on the lowest 'rung' so to speak.  

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