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two comments/statements

Susan - the shortest way to get your answer on Knights Templar would be
to look them up in the phone book and call the Temple here in the area
(as we both live in the greater DC area). They can give you the whole
answer and maybe answer at which of the three levels your progenitor was
on.  My father was also a member of the same order, on the lowest 'rung'
so to speak.  Regards, Sally

Now - the newest thing on Ancestry.com is that I have been able to read
18 pages of the Inventory of the Charter Chest of the Earldom of Wigtoun
1214-1686(can't remember the dates quite) with citation of Sinclair on
them. In one place #213, page 31, Henry of Santo Claro or Sinclair, Earl
of Orkney is witness to a charter of King Robert III to John Turnbull of
Carolyne of the lands of Warhopehead with the pertinents lying in the
barony of Cavers and sheriffdom of Roxburgh. (much more than that) dated
and sealed at Linlithgow, 1st March 1404, and 15th year of king's reign.

#177.  ..."resigning the lands of castlerankin comprehending Easter
Seymour, Wester Seymour and Blacksmiddies, the lands of Ballenknock,
easter and wester lands of Thomastoun, easter and wester lands of Doups,
Breakeleys, Cowdounhill and Glenhead in the hands of ______Sinclair of
#627 A discharge by William, Earl of Orkney, Lord Sinclair( he grants
that he has been fully paid for the lands turned over to Lord Robert
#642 A precept of clare constat by George Sinclair, baron of
Harbetshire, son and apparent heir of Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslyn,
knight, with consent of Sir Oliver, his father and tutor for infesting
(looks like 2 'f's -insesting?) same lands as item 213. This is sealed
and dated at Roslyn last of March 1492. (nota: The said Lord Flemings
retour before the sheriff of Stirling to which this precept relates is
For any that have a subscription of Ancestry can open these pages and
read the transcriptions.  I have gotten half way thru this.  Iain/Nevin
- are you aware of these documents?  Sally