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Re: Masons, Muslims, Templars, Jews, Henry and Dolly.

Dear Glen Cook

It is the myth that is being created around this death i am ytying to write

1 Newspaper reports are notoriously unreliable.  British and European courts
will not accept them as evidence.
2 There were no facts elicited what I was trying to say is that all the
Templar myths seem to claim a cover up of some sort.
3 I have never been autopsied or seen the procedure. I have no idea of what
is or is not done.  However my understanding is that conservative Jewish
tradition is into a burial practice that includes all body parts. The is
what was missing. "The hyoid bone is a thin, u-shaped bone in the neck just
above the Adam's Apple which is very supple, pliable and bendable when we
are young and, thus, hard to fracture. It becomes calcified and more
brittle, as we get older, so that it is more likely to fracture when the
neck is squeezed by the hands of another." Unnatural Death: Confessions of a
Medical Examinerm Michael M. Baden
4  The grieving family has pushed for publicity.

The job of newspapers is to sell newspapers.  Truth is not a high priority.

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