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Re: Masons, Muslims, Templars, Jews, Henry and Dolly.

1.  We're stuck of course in accepting the press accounts as true, something 
I don't often do.

2.  I'm not sure what facts were elicited to show how the state (government, 
police and state would also seem to be one entity-a demonstration of 
hyperbole) but more particularly the church have suppressed any truth.

3.  It's actually not unusual to have the organs not returned to the body 
after autopsy.  In this case, this would seem to include the tongue.

4.  Muckraking and living off the unfortunate plight of a grieving family 
seems the more likely basis of the story.  

Glen Cook who really doesn't want to keep his current place in the standings 
of posters.  

labehotiere@wanadoo.fr writes:

> The stories all indicate that there has been a strenuous effort by 
> government, police, state or church to repress and conceal the truth. Even 
> if parts were true of
> this story, one thing always smoulders, official repression. Someone has
> repressed the story, amended it, disclaimed it, proven it, disproved it and 
> in short created a conspiracy.