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Irish Sinclairs

Don't know specifically about Sinclairs much in Ireland these days.  Though
one of our immediate neighbors is a St. Clair, we've run across few others.
We had been aware, for many years, that there was much commerce between
Scotland and Northern Ireland, but it wasn't until we traveled up to the far
northeast corner of Ireland to see the Giants' Causeway, and looked across
to the Mull of Kintyre, that we realized how very close it is.  And seeing
"home" so close, well within reach of a reasonable boat on any kind of
reasonable day, it's easy to see how many, many Scots who went to Northern
Ireland continued to think of themselves as Scots.  (And my husband's clan,
the MacMillans, regularly took brides from Northern Ireland.)  It's our
impression that the folk in that part of the world viewed this journey as an
easy commute.

Katherine Kurtz in Ireland

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