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Change of subject

Dear Cousins, It is truly amazing to me the way the minds of this farflung family work, we are a group of wonderful diversity. Now for a truly academic question, how many of you are familiar with the English mystery writer called M.C. Beaton? The stories are what an old friend,a McKenna no less,called popcorn for the brain.Set in northern Scotland with a policeman named Hamish McBeth they are truly entertaining. What does this have to with the StClair/Sinclair topic at hand? Well, it seema that the wonderful Hamish has a Sinclair cousin I cannot find the book in which he drops in on this wonderful lady but she is there just the same. Triggering this question is the BBCAmerica now carrying a series of Hamish McBeth and on the credits I noticed a Sinclair name. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to catch the position but my question to you is this, Does this writer of crime have a connection to the Family Sinclair/StClair or is she just a person of rare good taste when selecting relatives for her characters? I hope this is not too friviolous for the more serious minded of you but a bit of levity can be a good thing in the middle of an attack. Best to all, Charlotte Gellis
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