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Re: Holy wars.

Hi Joe,
Glad to hear that you have met the fundamentalists who are concerned for 
their children.  Maybe since I have aged and moved to a conventional 
community, the attitudes have mellowed. If so, it promises well for our world.

The young are often more passionate than their parents, although there are 
exceptions to that rule of thumb. I can think of a few on this list. But it 
is not only the Muslim/ Christian axis that troubles me; it is the tribal 
fights in Papa  Niu Guinea, Africa, and in most places there is an angst, 
a  non -acceptance or lack of respect for other's beliefs. Sometimes even 
husbands and wives.

Here's hoping we do grow wiser.


>Thanks for the note.  (I'll use your "alternate name" to avoid confusion
>with Jean Paul.)  You may be right to be concerned about "blood and thunder"

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