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Re: Holy wars.


Thanks for the note.  (I'll use your "alternate name" to avoid confusion
with Jean Paul.)  You may be right to be concerned about "blood and thunder"
Christians, but I haven't seen it personally. The small sample of
fundamentalist Christians that I have run across over the years have been
far more interested in raising their kids well than in running anyone else's
life for them...  

I have never really been able to understand the animus that today's popular
culture holds for fundamentalist Christians. The Nazis got better press
before they invaded Poland.

Best regards,


> Dear Joe,
> I hope you are correct, but I think there are a very few who still are
> blood and thunder Christians. Fundamentalists  of any religion are often
> inclined to only see their side of an argument.
> Do keep writing to the list. Your views are interesting.
> Regards
> Sinead.
>> Oh, but it is... today!

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