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Re: Mohammed in the bedroom!


Oh, but it is... today!

With all due respect, (and with a friendly smile) your comparison of Islam
with Christianity repeats the same logical "error" that many make when
discussing these issues.  You are comparing A's traits "then", with B's
traits "now".  

If you must compare Islam and Christianity, all I ask is that you please
"live in the now".  I think you'll agree that today we can still find hordes
of Muslims seeking blood-soaked one-way tickets to heaven, but it's been
nearly a thousand years since we saw a Christian with that attitude.

Quoting thousand year old events as justification for one's political
positions today is questionable at best, but quite hopeless when the
comparison is between apples and oranges.

Living in the "now", (with a weather eye on the "then"),

Joe Erkes

> Dear Stanley,
> The obtaining of a guarenteed one-way ticket to heaven as a result of dying
> in battle with the ifidels is not restricted to Isalam. 

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