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Charleston, SC Scottish Games and Highland Gathering

Cousins, Brethren, Friends and Acquaintances all:
This is a personal invitation to the upcoming 31st Charleston (South
Carolina) Scottish Games and Highland Gathering on Saturday, September
21, 2002.  It is a "laid-back" one-day event; however, plan to spend the
weekend, visit historical Charleston and have some excellent seafood!  
For more information on the Games, visit the website at:
The Games will be held, as usual, at Boone Hall Plantation which is
quite an attraction in itself.
(see http://www.boonehallplantation.com/  )
For any Free Masons, or those interested in the Craft or history in
general, we have an interesting history page (including the recently
added "Siege of Charleston" written in 1780) on the SC Grand Lodge
website.  Ill. Bro. McDonald "Don" Burbidge of Charleston, has
researched a great deal of info. and it is published on the Grand Lodge
website for your pleasure.  This page is a work in progress as Brother
Burbidge continues his research.  The web page includes articles,
artifacts, photos, a Masonic walking tour of the downtown area of
Charleston, info on the War of Northern Aggression, etc.  See:
If you visit the Charleston Games on Saturday, September 21, please stop
by the Clan Sinclair tent.  We'd love to see ya!

Mel of South Carolina
Clan Sinclair Assoc., Inc. (USA)
Commissioner, North and South Carolina

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The Human Resource Solutions Company
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