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Something 'truly' Sinclair

Last night I read some of the pages of Scottish history and general
genealogy in Robert Bain's The Clans and Tartans of Scotland. RE:
Sinclair. "The Sinclairs are of Norman origin, the first of the name
being William de Sancto Claro, who received a grant of the barony of
Roslin, Midlothian in the twelfth century."
The last paragraph is what is interesting - "The Sinclairs of
Argyllshire and the West of Scotland were known as "Clann na Caerda" or
craftsmen, and do not appear to be connected with the Sinclairs of the
Mr. Bain was, at the time of printing the City Librarian, Glasgow. He
did some study on the various clans, because he commented on every Clan
in the book. He also put together a nice essay on the history of
Someone care to start the discussion?

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