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In rooting around on the Sinclair site
I discovered the postings on the
Argyll branch.

My line has a first name
I've seen in no other branch and never
mentioned in the Rosslyn branch - Wayman.
As our Alexander Sinclair is from the
Glasgow area, and I've seen no proof yet
of a Rosslyn connection to the Glasgow
area in 1666, there emerges a possibility
that this Alexander is of the Argyll branch.

I've attempted to email Karen J. Matheson
and Juli Anderson (who originally posted
this research) but got bounce-backs.
If anyone knows how to reach these folks,
I and the St. Clairs of Virginia would be
very grateful.

And if you're of this branch and interested,
contact me and I'll forward along some of the
extensive list of names we're compiling
from the late 1600's records in Scotland.


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