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Re: Sinclair babes shipped as slaves

> Certain dictators in certain African states did that, too, as recently as
> 20 years ago.  There are reputed examples more recently than that.

Ahhh Yuk

> Following your line of thought a bit farther, what that we do now will
> be considered indefensible a hundred years from now?  Quite a few things,
> I imagine.
> As far as human nature, homo sapiens is a creature that evolves as much
> by culture as by biology.  Chattel slavery, for example, was considered
> normal throughout much of human prehistory and history, yet nowadays the
> few surviving examples are considered by most of humanity and even by
> most governments to be detestable anomalies.

You make a good point there. I do understand that we are changing our views
and evolving with time always. That is evident when we look at the type of
history as you have said. Though lets look at the situations in the world
today with inter relations between races. There is in my opinion havoc in
many areas creating tensions. I feel that the leaders of our countries are
able to have too much say and decision making, therefore the power factor
still exists today as it did in the past. Do you think that our leaders of
the world who call on and make the wars would act the same if they two had
to actually fight them in the ditches and on the front lines with the rest
of us. Wait, I know what you'll answer to that one. You'll remind me that
the leaders in history did once fight in battles and they actually lead the
troops.Oh well, it was worth a try and besides, I still think that Howard,
Bush and Blair should be the first to go if they call the shots. My Mother
says that if my brothers get called to a war, she will chop their toes off
with an axe, cause their not getting her boys. Maybe the solution is to have
women run the world. We would only have to feel the threats of war just once
a month. Why, because I said so! :-)

> I do still think that even though Sir John Sinclair had good intentions,
> he should have been able to forsee at least some of the effects of his
> agricultural policies.

I agree. My opinion is that most people no matter how well intentioned they
are, lose sight of the common man, the simple things when they have great
ideas to change the world and the consequences of their actions often hurt
the innocent.

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