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Re: Sir John Sinclair's History of the Revenue.

thank you!
The Ulbster family is the same as the Thurso family  the Viscountcy being
bestowed on Archibald Sinclair of Ulbster for services to the nation during
the Second World War.  He was in Churchill's War Cabinet as Minister for
Indeed the title of the present 3rd Viscount is:
The Right Hon. John Viscount Thurso of Ulbster.
Archibald, 1st Viscount, is John's grandfather and this same Archibald is
the ggggg(5 or 6) grandson of Sir John. It is direct male succession right
Thurso  East  has been in the Ulbster Family since 1719 but the present
building, which is mostly a ruin, was built in the mid 19th century by Sir
Tollemache, Sir John's grandson.on the site of the older Thurso Castle which
came with the property in 1719.
The present Viscount came into possession of the property through the long
line of succeeding heirs to the headship of the Ulbster Family.


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> Thank Rory,
> I understand your point on the Bible and it's transcription.
>  If it is faithfully transcribed it is as close as we will
> ever get to a first hand report. I do not doubt the scholar.  Well maybe a

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