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Re: Sir John Sinclair's History of the Revenue.

Thurso East Mains was built by Sir Tollemache Sinclair of Ulbster ,Bart and
grandson of Sir John.
It replaced Thurso Castle which the Ulbster family took over in 1719 when
they bought the remainder of the last part of the Earldom of Caithness.  The
family papers have been there ever since.
Agreed that infidelities don't make the page.  But for what is there,  the
woman wrote out her birthing history and the number of losses and deaths
makes one think that this has not been sanitized.

Where does Burkes get it's stuff except from such things as these?  plus
cross referencing.  But Burke's or not,  there is no question in the Ulbster
family that Lady Diana  MacDoanld was Sir John' second wife and ancestor of
the lot of them- not Sarah Maitland.  And Mitchinson has the primary
documentation to prove it.

Send me a photocopy of your post card and I will send you one of mine.


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> Dear Rory
> Primary would be the document.  Is the document copied into your reference
> or is  a report on the document?
> Family Bibles can tell stories they do not tell of, for example,

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