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Sinclairs and the battle of Bannockburn


       Recently I have been reading the book The Lion in the North One 
Thousand Years of Scotland's History by John Prebble.  On Page 98  the author 
states the following about the Battle of Bannockburn:

       Though he [King Edward II of England] had healed the quarrel with his 
lords, with the help of the Pope and by the birth of a son, three great earls 
only had come with him [to Scotland to find Scots King Robert the Bruce]: 
Humphrey de Bohun of Hereford, Gilbert de Clare of Gloucester [He was killed 
during the battle.] and of course Aymer de Valence of Pembroke.

       Please, does anyone know if Gilbert de Clare was a Sinclair?
       Thank you.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia