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Re: several thoughts -

Dear Sally,

Thanks for the kind comments regarding my poem. It is one I thought
appropriate, and reflects the influence of my association with the good
folks on this list. I have dabbled in poetry, along with genealogy for
several years. I self-published a book on my mother's family in 1999, and
have had several of my poems published in various outlets, such as
"Treasured Poems of America'', summer 1998, "Enchanted Dreams", an
international anthology from the Poetry Guild, "Happiness Magizine", a TV
guide,  "From the Pens of His Sheep", a church publication in Tennessee, and
"The Southern Standard", a newspaper. I have also done a bit of writing for
another international publication. I don't generally speak of these little
endeavors, and even many family members are unaware of it. Poetry is just
something I enjoy. I don't want to bore others with my pleasures.
If you would like to recieve a poem or two off list, I would be glad to
oblige.Thanks again for your kind words.


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>The raid on Dieppe ultimately saved lives because the information gained
>on the German radar could be used to jam their system. Because the hero
>of the raid managed to cut the electric lines, the German's were not
>able to use their system during the time to get the raid back off to sea
>and the English were able to spot where the radar was located when it

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