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Re: Rollo (was Re: Seduction)

Dear John, Sinclair, and others having interest,

This webpage is truly interesting. I have tended to accept Rollo as being
Hrolfr, aka Rolf. This casts some doubt on this. The last verse of my poem
is apropos here: "Who am I? Why I am Time, I am History, Myth and Rhyme, Oh,
I am Fact and Fantasy, I am 'Agree' and 'Disagree' ".

As history lengthens, the shadows of the past pale in the distance.
We will never know for sure. We must each draw conclusions based upon the
light in our path.

As to the conclusion of no children for the Waldron mentioned, I did not
mean that he COULD not have offspring, only that I felt they would not be
listed. The part about the beginning of required celibacy for priests, that
was explained to me immediately by Sinclair. Not being from a Catholic
background, this part was unclear. This leaves the door still ajar on the
possibility that this Mauger may have been the father of Waldron de St.
Clair. I would love to hear the comments of those who post to the Sinclair
website reguarding genealogy.

I only wish that my time to participate in this list were not so limited.


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>>Dear Sinclair,
>>The Directory of Royal Genealogical Data for Hull University, a more
>>reliable source than many, has Richard II married three times. The

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