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SC Sinclair fable

I wonder if any of you have ever heard of this story:

Published in "The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine" 
published by the South Carolina Historical Society, Charleston, SC edited by 
A. S. Salley, Jr. Volume VII 1906.

The article is about Bounty Land Grants with this interesting side note:

"The grants issued in accordance with the foregoing Act and Ordinance were 
recorded in four volumes now in the office of Secretary of State . . .The 
following is a specimen of one of the grants, the personel of the grantee 
making it doubly interesting.  It is also recommended to the consideration of 
those people who believe that silly story about a girl named SINCLAIR who in 
man's attire followed Jasper into service because of her love for him and was 
killed in an action on the Santee:"

[goes on to quote the info of the land grant - basically 1784 land granted to 
William Jasper heir at law of Serjeant [sic] William Jasper in Georgetown.

Apparently the writer did not feel the story to be true, but I thought it was 
interesting nonetheless.

Lisa Burns
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