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Re: Rollo the Viking, Charlemagne, and the Sinclairs


       It is very difficult to trace a family back to Charlemagne even if the 
family has been connected to someone like Rollo the Viking or William the 
Conqueror because rulers who followed Charlemagne were elected, admittedly 
usually from the same family but not always.  Now comes some great news for 
Clan Sinclair.  David Crouch, a scholar and Professor of History at the 
University of Hull in Scarborough, England, who has published prior histories 
of the Norman dynasty, has just written in his new book The Normans that the 
son of Rollo the Viking  married a lady directly descended from Charlemagne!  
The book also gives a new name, Ketil,  for the father of Rollo the Viking.  
I have never seen this person mentioned as Rollo's father before.
       The Sinclairs are descended from Mauger, Count of Corbeil, a 
great-grandson of Rollo the Viking.


                      William Longsword


                      Richard I 


                    Mauger, Count of Corbeil

                   On page 12 of Prof. Crouch's book, he speaks of the 
marriage of William Longsword.  He states: "This [William Longsword's 
marriage] was arranged c. 936-37 between him [William Longsword] and 
Leutgarde, daughter of Count Herbert II of Vermandois, a direct descendant of 
Charlemagne in the male line." 
                  I have just obtained a copy of this book.  It is very well 
written and carefully researched.  It covers the Normans in France and 
England from Rollo the Viking through King Stephen of England, a grandson of 
William the Conqueror.
                   This is the information about this book:

                        The Normans 
                           by David Crouch
                        NY, NY: New York University Press, 2002

                         New York University Press
                         838 Broadway
                         Third Floor
                          New York, New York 10003

                          Tel.: 212-998-2575

                         Internet website:  www.nyupress.nyu.edu

Comment: I knew there must have been a reason that when my husband and I 
visited Europe in June 2002 we went to Aachen, Germany, where the palace of 
Charlemagne was located (Parts of it are now incorporated into the Rathaus.) 
and where he is buried in the cathedral there. My husband's Way family has 
been published as descending from Rollo the Viking, and now comes this 
Sinclair connection!!!


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia