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Re: Sinclair Dates

Today in 565 A.D. St Columba reported that he had seen a monster in Loch

"ON another occasion also, when the blessed man was living for some days in
the province of the Picts, he was obliged to cross the river Nesa (the
Ness); and when he reached the bank of the river, he saw some of the
inhabitants burying an unfortunate man, who, according to the account of
those who were burying him, was a short time before seized, as he was
swimming, and bitten most severely by a monster that lived in the water;

The story continues Columba asked if anyone would swim across the river and
get a boat..  Lugneus Mocumin  entered the water. The monster saw Lugneus
swimming  surfaced to eat Lugneus.. Columba raised his  hand and made  the
sign of the  Cross in the air.  He called the name of God and spoke the
monster "Go no further! Do not touch the man! Go back at once!" The monster
retreated to the depths of the Loch Ness. Lugneus, unharmed brought the boat


REF  Internet Medieval Source Book.
Life of Saint Columba, Founder of Hy. Written by Adamnan, Ninth Abbot of
that Monastery, ed. William Reeves, ( Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas,

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