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Sinclair Dates

   August 23

   1305:  Wallace  executed,  Scots patriot Sir William Wallace was hung,
   drawn, and quartered in London, his body parts were later exhibited in
   assorted  English  cities. His barbaric murder came as a result of his
   efforts to free Scotland English occupati on. Wallace was the catalyst
   that nine years later led to Scotland's independence.

   Wallace  was brought before a bench of English noblemen in Westminster
   Hall.  A long and accurate indictment was read detailing all Wallace's
   military  victories and the murder of sundry English prisoners-of-war.
   Wallace  was  not  allowed  to  talk,  to champion his actions and the
   sentence was read. Wallace tried to speak out at one point. The Record
   shows  that  he  yelled  out  admitting all charges against him except
   treason.  How could he be guilty of high treason if he had never sworn
   allegiance  to  the  King  of  England?  This defence was valid but of
   little  benefit  to  the  murderous  bench of medieval English judges.
   Revenge not justice was the dish of the day.

   1485: Henry VII Tudor,
   [3]King of England


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