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Re: St. Clairs--Jackson County, Missouri

Thanks Chris......I finally got on the list.......
I will post my message now and see if we can get
  Also, In the 1880 census Jackson county, Harvey
would Be 10 or 11 depending on what census taker wrote
down. The Name Robert W? L is 11. So You might need to
be looking for Robert Harvey, not George. 
  George is only 2 in 1880.

--- CMelahn@aol.com wrote:
> Greetings,
> If anyone knows of researchers working on St. Clairs
> of Jackson County, 
> Missouri (near Kansas City), there are two of us who
> are trying to piece 
> together a more complete picture and understanding
> of that group.  It appears 
> that the St. Clairs arrived in about 1840s from
> Virginia, with several being 
> children of George St. Clair and Elizabeth Walker
> Snodgrass, Botetourt 
> County, Virginia.

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Have of Great Day XOXOXOX...Kimmyann

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