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Re: Highlander Magazine


     Recently several people gave me the address of the Highlander Magazine 
that is published in the United States.  I want to thank them for their 
assistance.  I telephoned this magazine and asked the people there if I could 
buy the back issue of their magazine that had an article in it about the 
Knights Templar and the Battle of Bannockburn.  They said that they only sell 
back issues for one year and that this article appeared before that time.  I 
then asked them in what issue the article appeared and they said they 
couldn't tell me because they had just moved their offices and their 
equipment that contained this information was not yet functioning in their 
new office.
       I was told that the article appeared in the magazine in the last two 
years.  If anyone subscribes to the Highlander Magazine and can find the 
article about the Knights Templar and the Battle of Bannockburn, I would very 
much like to have a copy of it and would pay you for the cost of your 
xeroxing it and mailing it to me if it is necessary.  I will be glad to send 
you my mailing address if you will please contact me.  I would like very much 
to have this article.  Thank you very much for your assistance.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia