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Templars at Bannockburn

Dear Susan,

There's long been a tradition that the Templars were at Bannockburn, and I'd
be very surprised if individual former Templars weren't among those fighting
for the Bruce, but so far as I know, there's been no proof uncovered, much
as many of us would like there to be.  (If such proof appeared in the
Highlander, I <know> it would have made its way farther than that.  If
anyone unearths actual proof, I'd love to know.)

On the other hand, We must remember that Absence of proof is not proof of
absence; but one can't make any kind of logical leap from there to say
definitively that they <were> there.  My historian's mind says that if
they'd been there in a group, especially fighting as a Templar unit, someone
on one of the sides would have made written note of it--and again, the fact
that we haven't found such a note doesn't necessarily mean that no one did
note it, but the above aphorism about Absence of Proof and Proof of Absence
still only leads, at this point, to the old Scottish verdict: Not Proven.

Yours in Templar scholarship,
Katherine Kurtz

> Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 20:22:15 EDT
> From: SusanG1400@aol.com
> Subject: Highlander Magazine

> Hello!
>        Does anyone have the address, telephone number and Internet website
> address (if there is one) for the Highlander Magazine?  I believe it is
> published in the United States.
>        Someone told me that in the last two years they had an article
> the participation of the Knights Templar in the Battle of Bannockburn in
> A.D.  I would like to obtain a copy of this article.
>        Also, if anyone has any information about this subject, I would be
> very glad to receive it as I would like to know more about it.
>        Thank you very much for your assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Susan Grady
> Alexandria, Virginia

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