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Re: A Peeve

Amen! and Amen again!

Gnmsink@aol.com wrote:

> Since this discussion list was started, I have been on and off depending upon
> the topics discussed. I recently signed on again and was about to sign off
> again due to the person "Sinclair" and his use of the name. I read Malcholm
> of Caithness's discussion of this person but it did not touch on my concern.
> There are certain items of protocol that are followed when someone has a
> claim to a title. Sinclair does not possess the required title except that he
> has that as a surname.
> The only person whom is entitled to sign himself as "Sinclair" is Lord
> Sinclair who is Murray Sinclair of the Herdmanston Branch of the family. He
> is a distinguished soldier who is now bed-ridden as a result of wounds.

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

There's nae man sae deif as he tha' winna hear.

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