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Re: Sinclair Dates - Aug 9

     August 9:

1757:  Thomas Telford, Scottish engineer of roads, canals
          and bridges, born at Westerkirk, near Langholm, the
          son of a shepherd.

1902:  The coronation of King Edward VII took place - having
          been put back some 6 weeks because of the need of
          an emergency appendicitis operation.

1945:  The second atom bomb of the war was dropped on the
          Japanese city of Nagasaki.

1974:  Gerald Ford was sworn in as the 38th President of 
          America, on the resignation of Richard Nixon - the first
          to serve without being chosen by the people in a 
          National Election. (until Mr Bush that is - <grin> - Ian) 


   1. "Chambers Dates"  (1983)  ISBN 0 550 11827 6
        Published by W & R Chambers Ltd, Edinburgh Scotland. 


Ian Newman in Perth, Western Australia

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