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Re: Sinclair Dates

At 01:12 PM 05/08/02 -0500, John S. Quarterman wrote:
>All added; thanks.
>Who's going to add more for August 7?

Sorry - it seems Aug 7 is destined to go down amongst the annals
of history as the World's most boring and uneventful day...... BUT:

     August 8:

1870: The first America's Cup race, open to challenge by any
         nation's yachts, took place - `Magic' of the United States
         beating the British challenge of `Cambria'.
         (Of course this was long before the advent of the `winged
         keel' ..... <West Australian snigger> - Ian )

1900: The Davis Cup for tennis, presented by Dwight Filley Davis,
         was contested for the first time, at Brookline in Massachusetts
         - won by USA on 10th.

1974: Richard Nixon announced his resignation as US President -
         the first to do so - because of his implication in the Watergate


   1. "Chambers Dates"  (1983)  ISBN 0 550 11827 6
        Published by W & R Chambers Ltd, Edinburgh Scotland. 


Ian Newman in Perth, Western Australia

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