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Canadian Sinclairs of WW1 (CEF)

Hi all;  Was perusing a copy of the book "Memorial of the 27th Battery,
Canadian Expeditionary Force." In researching my gf James Sinclair who
served with this unit till his death at Passchendaele 30 OCT 1917. In the
roll call of the members of the unit under OR (Other Ranks,) page 25. Is
listed another SINCLAIR, W. Rank Sig. Reg.# 301960. Who must of survived the
war? There is even group photos of the men from the battery sections, and
the copy I saw had all the men's names printed id'ing them! (This copy is at
the University of British Columbia, Main Library, Special Collections.)
	So my hope is that descendants of  W.(William, Bill?) SINCLAIR is
connected to the list and I can fill in the holes of my gf's last few months
with the unit?
 Have done much research at the NAC in Ottawa, but unfortunately for what
ever reason the units XO did not keep records. Or they were destroyed for
those last few months leading up to NOV 1918. 
		Thanks, 	Don Sinclair  Delta, BC
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