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Sinclairs at Culloden....


The mother of my grandfather, George Mason, was Anne Elizabeth Sinclair.  Anne is mentioned
in the book "The History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America For Eleven Hundred Years",
Chapter XI under John Sinclair of Virginia And His Descendants (2124) Pg. 342,  as the great grand 
daughter of this John Sinclair who fled to America in 1747 with several other families.  The text declares
"They were political exiles.  They had united their destinies with the house of Stuart, and when the fortunes
of that family went down in darkeness and in blood on the terrible field of Culloden Moor, April 16, 1746,
their native country was no longer a place of safety, and they fled to America......"  My question is......
how did the Sinclairs end up on both sides of the fence at Culloden and was their a well defined block of 
the family that supported the Government and another block that supported the Jacobites?   What was 
the source of this division?  Is their a source of information concerning this?

By they way, I am still looking for the link in Scotland to the John Sinclair mentioned above.

Ray Mason (rmason1@socal.rr.com)

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