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Sinclair Dates

   July 26

   1689:   B.   of   Killiecrankie,   Viscount  Dundee  (John  Graham  of
   Claverhouse)  affectionately  known  as  "Bonnie  Dundee"  took  2,500
   Highlanders  over  Drumochter  Pass.  The British General Mackay, with
   4,000  footsoldiers,  two divisions of Calvary, 1,200 supply of horses
   and  3  cannon  called Dundee's army "not an army but a pack". Dundee,
   ever  the  Jacobite, kept his troops lain in the tall grass until 7.00
   PM. With the sun behind them, they rose to their feet, fired their one
   shot  weapons  and  rushed  the British forces with their broadswords.
   Dundee  died  in the original Highland charge. The day belonged to the
   Highlanders.  Dundee  had  four  clans  and  300 Irishmen. Unlike most
   battles  of  the  17th  Century,  Scots  Highland charges lasted 10-20
   minutes.  About  the only noticeable exception to this was the Italian
   Bonnie  Prince Charlie's prolonged battle at Colluden. In spite of his
   reputation  as  "Buidy  (bloody)  Clavers"  he was in fact a moderate.
   Killiecrankie  was Bonnie Dundee's greatest victory. Dundee showed the
   way  of  Highland  resistance, even though he himself was a lowlander.

   1843:  W.W.  Sinclair  d.,  William  Waters Sinclair died in Goemally,

   2000: Sinclairs at Parliament, [3]Tour of Parliament


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