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Roslin Chapel

Dear Cousins - I just returned from Edinburgh.  Among my 'things' are
pictures of the Chapel.  The Chapel is lit to highlight the important
pillars.  And yes, I too was intrigued by the carvings and designs of
the place. I think the important Appretence's Pillar is most
outstanding. The carvings around the cap are carved to stand away from
the pillar.   The building overall has a small 'footprint'.   It
possible to climb to the top of the scaffolding and look down on the
repair work.  The walkway and railings on top are perfectly safe for any
who want to climb up.  There are a number of St Clair-Erskine monuments
around the grounds.  I just missed by 4 days the exhibit in the Scottish
National Art Museum on Roslin.  The history of which is written by Helen
Roslin. I have the catalogue and will report on it later.   Had supper
across the street at the pub.  My such a dinner.  Raspberries are in

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