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Re: Re: Saint Clair's fête

From: "John S. Quarterman" <jsq@quarterman.org>

> Now to get the spark burns out of my jacket....

Just think, you could have a great conversation piece with that jacket now.
Then someone asks you how you burnt your jacket you can say " Well, I was
carrying the 1000 year old bones of a saint and fire rained down on me from
the skies"

It was amusing to watch you crab walk on the third go around the fire. It
was a great night .

Sinclair's from America, Australia and UK had  photo's placed in the local
and Paris papers. The Mayor was running around telling everyone about the
Sinclair's from distant lands. I recommend the fete to anyone who can make
it next year. If the fete date lands on a weekend, the festivities start in
the afternoon, but not until 9pm if it falls on a week day.


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