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Re: Holy Wars & 14 July 1099

It seems to me that when the words "holy" and "war are combined to express a
singular thought that they become an oxymoron. So many atrocities have been
committed throughout the anals of history in the name of "God" that it
should make one wonder if there might not be a better way. It is expected
that there will always be war. Perhaps. peace seems an ellusive dream.

The Crusades are a prime example of such a war, but certainly not the first
nor the last. Recent excavations at Beth-Shan in the Jezreel Valey, south of
the Dead Sea in Isreal, best known as the spot where it was said that the
Phillistines hanged the decapitated body of King Saul and those of his sons,
brought to my mind the wars of Isreal through their long ancient history,
and how a person became recognized was by the number of the enemy they had
distroyed, ie Samson. The Temple of Dagon in Beth-Shan (Later known as
Scthopolis), was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 AD (Someone correct me if
the date is off).

"Holy wars" continue. Any Comments?


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>On the 14th of July 1099 AD The Crusaders Jerusalem captured Jerusalem  in
>the First Crusade, after laying of siege for seven  weeks.  The Crusaders,
>in the name of God them promptly began slaughtering the city's Muslim and
>Jewish population.

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