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14 July 1099

On the 14th of July 1099 AD The Crusaders Jerusalem captured Jerusalem  in
the First Crusade, after laying of siege for seven  weeks.  The Crusaders,
in the name of God them promptly began slaughtering the city's Muslim and
Jewish population.

A Christian, Frankish, kingdom of Jerusalem was set up.  The kingdom was
under constant threat from Turkish forces, it lasted only about 50 years

Popular opinions do not like to have it's mythologies to be obscured by

The idea of Holy War was not  a Christian concept. Holy War (Jihad)  is
enshrined in the Koran or Qu'ran the belief is that  religious war brought
glory to God and immediate entry to Paradise for the faithful who lose their
lives. Chapter 3, verse 169: Muslim nations had pressed their Jihad through
Northern Africa and well into Europe long before the Crusades were dreamed
of.  A strong defence by the Carolingians stopped them.

The word Crusade comes from the Latin "crux" which translates as cross


ref The Catholic Encyclopaedia, Volume VIII
The Oxford History of Medieval Europe ed G, Homes 1988

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