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RE: Grandfather Mt. Games & Charleston

Ron, what an honor!  Congrats to you and I'm sure that the GMHGs will
benefit from your musical talent.  I enjoyed chatting with you (and your
brother Rhett who lives in SC, as I recall) on my way to the Games last
year.  At last we shall meet!  My clan will be attending the Ceilidh on
Saturday night so we'll get to see you perform there as well.

Best regards,

Mel of South Carolina

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Hi Mel.  My family and I look forward to seeing you at the 
Grandfather Games.  I will be singing the national anthem to 
start each day, and will be performing in the ceilidh on Friday 
and Saturday nights.  So Clan Sinclair will be well represented!
Ron Sinclair 
Marion, North Carolina

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