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Sinclair Wills - held at Public Record Office, UK

G'day surfing cousins!

From: http://www.pro-online.pro.gov.uk/Searchnew.asp
herewith listing of Sinclair Wills held at P.R.O. London:

PROB 11/2144                  Will of James Sinclair, Retired
26 December 1851            Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Artillery
                                      of Island of Jersey

PROB 11/2236                  Will of Sarah Sinclair, Widow of City of
21 July 1856                     Chester, Cheshire

PROB 11/2262                  Will of John Sinclair, Licensed Victualler
10 December 1857            of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex

PROB 11/2222                  Will of John Sinclair, Gentleman of
23 November 1855            Denmark Hill Camberwell, Surrey

PROB 11/2169                  Will of Charles Sinclair of   (?????)
28 March 1853
PROB 11/2200                  Will of William Sinclair Cathcart Mackie,
13 November 1854            Captain and Brevet Major in the Eighty
                                      Eight Regiment of Foot of Varna, Turkey

PROB 11/2216                  Will of Margaret Scott or Sinclair, Widow
27 July 1855                     of Garvel Park Greenock, Renfrewshire

PROB 11/2185                  Will of George Sinclair, Grocer of
20 January 1854               Walcot Bath, Somerset

PROB 11/2192                  Will of Hugh Sinclair of No 127 Laws
17 May 1854                    Court Nicolson Street Edinburgh

PROB 11/1927                  Will of Alexander Sinclair Davidson, Indigo
11 May 1840                    Planter of Shapura in the District of Shahabad 
                                      in the Province of Bihar, East Indies

PROB 11/1960                  Will of Jane Wilson Sinclaire, Widow of
04 March 1842                 Abbeyville, Antrim

PROB 11/1961                  Will of George Sinclair, Shipwright of
21 April 1842                    Limehouse, Middlesex

PROB 11/1992                  Will of John Sinclair Rutledge, Cheesemonger of
27 January 1844               Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

PROB 11/1996                  Will of Lucy Ann Sinclair Sutherland,
09 March 1844                 Widow of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex

PROB 11/2008                  Will of William Richardson Sinclair, Dentist of
12 November 1844            Saint Ann within the Liberty of Westminster,

PROB 11/2022                  Will of Alexander Sinclair, Merchant of
25 July 1845                     Greenwich, Kent

PROB 11/1972                  Will of Sir John Sinclair, Major General in the 
09 December 1842            Service of the Honorable Company of Merchants

trading to the East Indies on the Madras
                                      Establishment of Dunbeath, Caithness

PROB 11/2023                  Will of Archibald Sinclair, Weaver of
25 August 1845                Muthill, Perthshire

PROB 11/2051                  Will of Elizabeth Sinclair, Widow of
03 February 1847             Hammersmith, Middlesex

PROB 11/1977                  Will of Catherine Sinclair formerly Auld,
20 March 1843                 Widow of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian

PROB 11/2028                  Will of Duncan Sinclair of Enfield Wash,
09 December 1845
PROB 11/2035                  Will of William Alexander Sinclair,
Lieutenant in
07 April 1846                    Her Majesty's 13th Light Infantry of
Colaba, East                                       Indies

PROB 11/2036                  Will of Doctor Samuel Sinclair, Doctor of
04 May 1846                    retired Surgeon in the Royal Navy of .....

PROB 11/2039                  Will of Sinclair Rendall, Master Mariner of
No 9  
13 July 1846                     York Street Commercial Road, Middlesex

PROB 11/1931                  Will of Wriothesley Sinclair, Gentleman of 
31 July 1840                     Pembroke College Oxford, Oxfordshire

PROB 11/2047                  Will of Peter Sinclair of Gould Square
16 December 1846            Crutched Friars, City of London

PROB 11/2047                  Will of James Sinclair of Saint George
25 December 1846            in the East, Middlesex

PROB 11/2103                  Will of Catharine Sinclair Worth,
20 November 1849            Widow of Paddington, Middlesex

PROB 11/1676                  Will of Reverend Thomas St Clair or Thomas
10 October 1823               Sinclair Abercromby of Glassaugh, Banffshire

PROB 11/1628                  Will of Martha Sinclair, Widow of
21 April 1820                    Beverley, Yorkshire

PROB 11/1683                  Will of John Sinclair, Merchant of
14 March 1824                 Edinburgh, Mid Lothian

PROB 11/1664                  Will of Elizabeth Totten formerly Sinclair,
25 November 1822            of Island of Saint Croix, West Indies

PROB 11/1709                  Will of Margaret Sinclair or Borthwick of......
31 March 1826
PROB 11/2095                  Will of Henry Sinclair of Woolwich, Kent
20 June 1849
PROB 11/1763                  Will of Robert Sinclair of Walton upon
06 November 1829            Thames, Surrey

PROB 11/1686                  Will of George Sinclair of Mullabrack, Armagh
03 May 1824
PROB 11/1704                  Will of James Sinclair of Forss, Caithness
24 October 1825
PROB 11/1508                  Will of William Sinclair, Serjeant Marines late
03 February 1810              belonging to His Majestys Ship Peacock No 5, 
                                      now a patient in the Matilda Hospital
Ship of...

PROB 11/2070                  Will of Augusta St.Clair, Spinster of No 10

                                             Street   Hyde Park, Middlesex

It costs 3.00 to download an image of any one of these wills.

Hope they are someones rellies,


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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