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Re: Census & Cemetery Transciption

The 1881 census CD from the UK does have lots of good data, nicely sortable
by name.  I was able to locate two other branches of my family using this
facility. I can't wait for the the 1901 to become available on line.  They
have been working on making it available for over 6 months and still do not
have it working!
Just in case you don't have the reference, here it is.....
Family Tree Maker's CD of the 1851 census is only a partial record that only
includes a few UK counties. The LDDS Family History Resource has a Vital
Records Index for the British Isles available, again with only partial
records.  If you would like to borrow them or get information on them please
come back to me on dcsinclair@attbi.com.  Somehow I also seem to own a
double CD setof VRI for Australia from 1788-1905 that I have never even
David Sinclair

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I am looking for any Censuses references or Cemetery Transcriptions of All
Sinclair (or St. Clair, Sinkler, etc.) located in the world.

I have pull out Sinclairs' listed in the following:

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